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Corporación del Sur, S.A.

Corporación del Sur, S.A., a member of the Pellas Development Group, was formed to develop and execute the planning and building of Aeropuerto Costa Esmeralda.

Pellas Development Group is part of Grupo Pellas, one of the largest financial conglomerates in Central America. With over a century of history, this Nicaragua-based group has distinguished itself for its inexorable pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation in a variety of interests across banking, sugar, energy, Flor de Caña rum, and many other industries.

For more information about Corporación del Sur or the Pellas Development Group, contact:

Patricio Lanuza
Managua, Nicaragua
+505 2274-4250

Carlos Hernández
San José, Costa Rica
+506 2205-7111


The soft green country of Nicaragua is among the most striking places on Earth.




The soft green country of Nicaragua is among the most striking places on Earth. It is also one of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets. Nicaragua has unique forms of dance, music, festivals, and some of the most important poets in the history of the Spanish language. Nicaragua’s food is amongst the finest in Latin America with fresh ingredients and generous servings. In addition to the numerous fresh fruits that one expects in the tropics, grilled meats and fresh fish are complimented by locally made cheeses, vine-ripened vegetables, handmade tortillas, fruit drinks and Nicaragua’s famously smooth rum.

What makes Nicaragua’s land most distinct is its dramatic geography marked by lakes and volcanoes. The thorny spine of volcanoes runs from Nicaragua’s northwestern-most point to the dual- volcano island of Ometepe in the great lake of Nicaragua. This list is comprised of 14 volcanoes that are filled with crystal clear crater lakes and of which 7 still remain active. Nicaragua’s numerous lakes and rivers include Central America’s biggest Lake, which is punctuated by more than 365 volcanic islands that support the unique wildlife and hide ancient indigenous relics.

Nicaragua’s rich combination of warm, authentic culture and diverse nature and geography make it a treasure for travelers. The fact that Nicaragua has not been overwhelmed by tourists means that it is a place where visitor can discover both the nature and culture of Nicaragua at a relaxed pace and in a unique environment.