asked questions


general information


1. IATA Identifier: ECI
2. Official ICAO airport identifier: MNCE
3. Orientation: 03/21
4. Runway length: 1,525 m (5,000 ft.), with the potential to expand to 2,100 m (7,000 ft.)
5. Runway width: 30m
6. ICAO category: 3-C
7. Temperature: 32 degrees Celsius
8. Elevation: 23 m (considered at sea level, which is advantageous for aviation)
9. Approach: Visual (non-instrumented), instrument approach coming soon

10. Will have basic meteorological service
11. Parking platform for 3 design aircraft, can accommodate multiple minor aircrafts
12. The runway can receive Gulfstream 550 and 650, Global Express, Falcon 7X
13. Jet Fuel is available

14. Manned Control Tower on site with own frequency (118.05)

15. Live Weather reporting on site

16. Customs and Immigration are always on site
17. Terminal building of 660 sqm, with small commercial areas, Governmental agency representation, security and others
18. Fire Emergency Category 4
19. Commercial flights to and from Costa Rica operated by Sansa Airlines (

20. VIP Service is available
21. Landing permits must be obtained through national authority, Instituto Nicaragūense de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC) or through our VIP handling department (
22. Date of inauguration: October 23rd, 2015




Is Customs and immigration on site?

Yes, customs and immigration are always on site and available. All other government agencies are also on site


Is Fuel Available?

Yes, Jet-A Fuel is available


Can we land during the night time?

Not yet. Currently, Costa Esmeralda is a daytime only airport, with operations between 6:00am and 5:30pm


Where can I purchase Airline tickets?

Flights to and from Costa Rica can be booked at or by phone at 1-877-767-2672. Charter flights can be booked through the airport (


Is this a private access airport?

No, we are a public access airport, anyone with a confirmed flight can travel to/from here


How do we get landing permits?

Permits can be requested through the Airports VIP Handling department ( or very well through the Nicaraguan Civil Aviation Authority (INAC)


Is ground transportation available?

Yes, through a private service and rent a car service. Public bus service is not reliable